There are few greater tragedies than the fact that we let our fellow humans go starving and homeless, all because they hit some bad luck or made a few mistakes.

A Non-Profit Organization dedicated to uplifting our Homeless Veterans through temporary housing and skills training.

Only with help of volunteers and other partners, will we be able to achieve such a great undertaking. So, with the risk of being cliché:


We can use the help of anyone interested and willing, but we are especially in need of the following professionals: Lawyer, Civil Engineer, Fundraiser, Retired Drill Instructor, Marketing Expert, and a Grant Writer.   Contact us for inquiries.


Our unique, sustainable design exemplifies our commitment to developing a project that stands as an ideal model for cultivating the desired sense of community, safety, and inspiration.


Chairman of the Board, Founder, CEO & Project Manager, U.S. Veteran

     “Being a Veteran of two services (Navy & Air Force), and having nearly lost my own home at one time in my life, I have strong empathy for the homeless veterans. These heroes come home from war and are being discharged into an environment where their skills may not match demand. Without a good income, it isn’t long before their landlord shows them the street, and if they don’t have a family or friend support group, they end up living under a bridge and eating out of a dumpster. What do you suppose that does to their pride, their self-image? I feel we have a obligation to these men and women. At first I had in mind simply building affordable housing for homeless veterans, but as I researched what others were doing for this demographic, I discovered that it seemed no one was doing the whole package. Some would provide shelter, some food, others job training, etc.  
​ "In order to minimize maintenance costs we choose to build with reinforced concrete. The monolithic Dome design promises to provide not only a structure that can withstand strong winds, but is also very efficient in use of electricity. Because of these features, and others, we will be able to provide homes rent free, utilities paid and furnished to those who have served our country honorably and have no income, while they get the training they need to get the jobs they deserve. Only that can restore the pride they felt while in uniform.”

Chairman Orlando has achieved:

His Bachelors Degree in Education from the State University of New York

His Masters Degree in Operations Management from the University of Arkansas

He has 28 additional Graduate Credits in Public Administration from the University of Oklahoma

He has been Certified as a Project Manager from the Project Management Institute


The bond that is created through the service of your Country is a powerful force. We hope to continue that service.